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Recipes for Your Happy Family

Amateur chef, foodie, craft drinker, husband and father of two dishing up my take on parenthood, cuisine, and libations.

Smokey Bourbon Gruyère Burgers

Burgers and Fries. Seriously, is there anything more delicious and all-American? Burgers are one Kiersten's favorite foods. She could literally eat them every day of the week. While I also enjoy a good burger, I like variety. And what better way to mix things up than...

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Daddy’s Children’s Book Review: RRRALPH

Daddy's Book Reviews are my take on books we read to our kids. Sometimes the books have a good message, other times they just make us laugh. What books do you and your family like to read? Leave a comment, message, or  #DishingDaddyhood on social media! To kick off...

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Our Quintessential (Free) Fall Weekend

Hurricane Matthew threatened to put a damper on our weekend, but instead brought beautiful fall weather. We managed to take advantage and had the perfect October weekend, complete with a fire safety open house, a Halloween celebration, and a Pumpkin Festival.

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Pierogi Two Ways: Reuben and Potato & Cheese

When I think pierogi I always think of my mother-in-law Karen. Maybe it’s because she comes from a Polish family (though not recent immigrants) or maybe it’s because pierogi were a staple at the mandatory Sunday Night Family Dinners. Either way, I get excited and think about her every time I see or hear about pierogi. One time when she came to visit, we scoured the streets of Sarasota looking for fresh made pierogi. We must have gone to four different European specialty stores only to find them frozen. I vowed to her that day I would make her fresh pierogi.

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Horchata Frappe

This recipe combines the refreshing taste of an original horchata with rich, frozen ice cream, creating an even more decadent concoction. To make it an even more indulgent treat, you can certainly add 2 ounces of rum or bourbon to give it a little kick. It’s the perfect drink to relax and unwind with after a long day of parenthood.

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Chinese Chicken Tacos

We love authentic Mexican tacos, as well as Tex Mex, but every once and a while we need to change it up. I’m under the impression that pretty much everything is better wrapped in a tortilla and some of the best crossovers involve Asian food.

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