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Recipes for Your Happy Family

Amateur chef, foodie, craft drinker, husband and father of two dishing up my take on parenthood, cuisine, and libations.

The BEST Ramen Burger

I absolutely love trying ridiculous, unexpected combinations of things. When I heard the latest trend combines a burger with ramen noodles AS A BUN, it was something I KNEW I had to try. What better way than to make it myself.

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Daddy’s Civic Duty

I'd like to keep this short and sweet since I'm sure you're probably getting inundated with "I voted" anecdotes. Voting is an incredible right and privilege that we as Americans get to partake in. I take voting seriously and have voted ever since I turned 18 in 2004....

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Energy Vampires Invading Our House!

There's a debilitating ailment sweeping throughout our house. One that leaves you completely exhausted, but won't allow you to rest. It's symptoms are exacerbated by these tiny creatures. Let's call them Energy Vampires. Once they get a hold of you, there's no going...

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Versatile Hidden Veggie Tomato Sauce

If you're anything like me, you try to get your kids to eat a well balanced meal. You also encourage them to try new things. But getting vegetables into their diet isn't always the easiest thing to do. Usually new vegetables and foods end up on our floor before they...

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Daddy’s Children’s Book Review: Beard Boy

Every once and a while, I read a book that surprises me by how much I like it. John Flannery and Steven Weinberg's Beard Boy does just that.  When Kiersten brought Beard Boy back from the library, I knew she got the book for me to read to Maddox. I mean, I've had a...

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